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Exec Summary:

  • Mid 2018 we merged Atenga Inc and Sales4Profit. We still focus on predicting our clients sales volume at different prices. The merged company is called Atenga Insights. While the CEO of Atenga Insights Inc, I’ve taken a step back from the operational side and focus on thought leadership.

  • Co-founder, Sales4Profit International AB, Stockholm, (predict sales volume at different prices ): founded April 2017 - current.

  • CEO, Sales4Profit Inc, Los Angeles (predict sales volume at different prices): 2018

  • CEO, Atenga Inc, Los Angeles (predict sales volume at different prices): 2005 - 2018

  • CEO, Ercolab AG, Zürich (Electronics): 1985 - 1990 $0 to $6m/5 years

  • CEO, FOR-A Ltd, London (Electronics): 1990 - 1994 $5m - $25m/4 years

  • CMO, Micropolis Corp, Los Angeles (Data storage): 1994 - 1997 $0m - $72m/3 years

  • AXXS, VP Marketing & Consulting Services: 1997 - 1998. We sold the first internet kiosks in a too early market.

  • VP BizDev, MediaSite, Pittsburgh (Internet video): 1998 - 2000 JVs in Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Subsidiary in London. Generated 84% of company revenue

  • CEO: Blue Order Inc, Los Angeles (Enterprise software): 2000 - 2003 $0 - $5m/3 years

  • Acting CMO: Exanet, Herzlia, Israel (Data storage): 2003 - 2005. Established US presence.

  • EVP, GSAM, Los Angeles (Industry association): 2002 - 2004 1000+ members, conferences, standards development.

  • Co-founder, PriceBeam Ltd, London (self-serve pricing research): founded April 2016.

Established US presence:

  • PopWire, Sweden (Software) - sold to Apple for $56m

  • Exanet, Israel (Data storage) - sold to Dell for $10m

  • Buddiz, Japan (Cell phone games)

  • Konan Technology, Korea (Enterprise software)

  • Agent 25, Sweden (Information services)

  • Plus many small engagements

I'm a US and Swedish (EU) citizen.


The good:

I’m a rainmaker. I make things happen. I never give up. I’m a straight shooter. 

I’m a natural leader and (surprise to me!) on many occasions been perceived by customers to be  a company's CEO while, in fact, at the time I had Director or VP level positions - and the actual CEO was in the meeting. 

People who have worked for me say I’m the best boss they’ve ever had, calling me clear, fair and demanding. My style is to delegate: to set goals and let employees solve the issues to be solved. I guide and critique but do not micromanage how tasks are accomplished.   

The bad:

I do not hide frustration when I’m frustrated.

The ugly:

I’m somewhat dyslectic and my spelling and grammar can sometimes reach high levels of “innovation.”


BS in Electronics from Ava College in Sweden.
BS in Business Administration from Ava College in Sweden.
MBA in Marketing from Stockholm University


Atenga Insights Inc and Atenga Insights Group AB
2018 - present
Founding Partner and CEO of Atenga Insights Inc

In the end, we decided to merge the holding company Sales4Profit International AB with Atenga Inc and call the entire group Atenga Insights Group AB, and with the merger, we also change the names of the subsidiaries. The merger happened so we can offer both the templated and more involved, a custom, projects to our clients.

The merged company now (spring 2019) has served some 600 clients, and from that, we have 598 references. The method I developed really works!

Sales4Profit Inc and Sales4Profit International AB
2017 - 2018
Co-founder and CEO

Together with one of the partners from Pricebeam, we cofounded Sales4Profit; a holding company based in Sweden with sales focus subsidiaries in the US (Sales4Profit Inc) and in Sweden for the Nordic countries. In these companies, we again used our template model, but here we also developed software that simplifies and speeds up the process to measure and model how different pricepoints affect sales volume. Sales4Profit took off like a rocket quickly established a roster or happy customers.

Pricebeam Ltd
2016 - 2017

Taking the experiences from all the project done in Atenga Inc, together with two partners we started Pricebeam Ltd. A UK based company with global ambitions. In Pricebeam, the method I developed at Atenga to accurately predict how price affect sales volume was expressed in a template. Due to differences in opinions, the partnership ended.

Atenga Inc.
2005 - 2018
Founder & CEO

I conceptualized and developed the services Atenga been selling. These services have helped turn around the operations of over 500 businesses. We have helped CEOs and investors often to double their companies’ growth rates (and in the process sometimes even doubling or tripling revenues), doubling gross margins and in the process, quadrupling shareholder value.

An Atenga turnaround consists of:

  • Aligning market messages with what your customers are most receptive to

  • Optimizing prices to your customers’ willingness to pay

  • Segmenting your customer along their decision criteria and willingness to pay

  • Providing and leveraging deep insight into what your competitors’ customers are dissatisfied with

  • Re-engineering and training the sales force and sales management to minimize discounting, control the sales conversation and close the deal at the highest possible price

I have been frequently quoted in the financial press, including in Fortune Magazine, Inc, Industry Week and the Financial Times. I regularly speak at conferences. Here you can read and listen to some of those:

Read what some of our customers are saying by clicking this link:


Atenga Inc.
2003 - 2005
Founder & CEO

I ran the company as a one-man-band consulting organization, helping to establish European and Asian companies in the US. This included developing go-to-market strategies, marketing and sales strategies as well as making the necessary introductions. 

Companies serviced during this time included:

  • Exanet - an Israel-based manufacturer of enterprise class data storage. The company was eventually sold to Dell Computer for $10m.

  • PopWire - a Swedish based manufacturer of transcoding software. The company was sold to Apple for $56m.

  • Konan Technology - a Korean manufacture of enterprise class infrastructure software.

  • Agent 25 - information monitoring services

  • Plus a myriad of smaller engagements


2003 - 2005
Co-founder & EVP, Woodland Hills CA

This non-profit trade association aimed, and succeeded, in helping companies in the DAM (Digital Asset Management) industry to grow and become established. We held conferences, developed and published best practice documents and influenced the development of industry standards.


Blue Order Inc
February 2000 – April 2003, Calabasas CA

Blue Order was a German provider of enterprise software to the M&E industries. I founded Blue Order Inc. as their US subsidiary, catering for US clients that included NBC, ABC, CBS, Turner Broadcasting, CNN and other broadcasters. Grew revenues from zero to $5m. The company was eventually sold to Avid Technology. 


MediaSite Inc
VP Business Development
1998 – 2000, Pittsburgh PA

Mediasite sold software for the media industry. I set up JVs in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Established subsidiaries in Europe and generated 80% of company's revenues from these activities. The company is still active, albeit in a different industry. 


AXXS Technology
VP Marketing & Consulting Services
1997 – 1998, Pasadena CA

We conceptualized the very first internet kiosks and installed them at airports and hotels nationwide. In addition, we consulted for various vendors in the data storage space, enhancing and executing their marketing and go-to-market strategies.


StreamLogic Corporation
Head of VSD (Video Systems Division)
1995 – 1997 Chatsworth CA

The company was a spin-off from Micropolis. I completed the work begun at Micropolis, including signing a $32m OEM contract with Philips, as well as smaller ($3m - $5m - $8m etc.) contracts with other customers. Combined Micropolis and StreamLogic, I generated in excess of $70m in revenue during my tenure.

Micropolis Corporation
Head of VSD (Video Systems Division)
1994 – 1995 Chatsworth, CA

The company was a $450m public company and I brought the company's innovative professional video products to market including a $30m contract for the first commercially available video servers sold to 101 Hyatt hotels. From zero revenues when I joined the company.

For-A Ltd
1990 – 1994 London, United Kingdom

FOR-A is a manufacturer of professional video equipment. I turned around the fledgling European subsidiary and during my tenure quadrupled revenues from around $8m to $35m.


Ercolab AG
1985 – 1990 Zurich Switzerland

I established the company as a European-wide distributor for multiple lines of professional electronic products. Most of these where sourced from the US, but some were from the Far East and others sourced in Europe. We built a strong dealer network, and many of the products became the market leading product in its category. Revenues grew from zero to about $14m.


Adrian Scott

Founder, Bakewell House Consultancy 

Per Sjofors is typically Swedish: intelligent, hardworking, thinks laterally. He has been a tower of strength in the enterprise we are both part of. He is someone whose judgement and opinions have my highest respect. 


Grace Chang
Co-Founder/CEO at EventSorbet

Not only is Per a joy to work with but he is also someone who genuinely takes interest in the subject of pricing and has the expertise to offer insightful recommendations. Per is an exceptional, rounded speaker who crafts solutions to very interesting questions in a manner that won't put you to sleep. Best traits: approachable, innovative, and well-spoken. I have the highest regard for Per and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and his company Atenga for any of your pricing needs.


Ken Keller
Chief Executive, STAR Business Consulting, Inc.

I asked Per to speak at my All Members Meeting on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 to discuss "Pricing in a Downturn Economy."  In about 45 minutes Per provided excellent tools and case studies for my Members to learn more about pricing. I wish my agenda had allowed for more time because this in an area of weaknesses for my Members. Per was a solid speaker, quickly demonstrating his expertise and knowledge across a number of industries and size of businesses. 

I would highly recommend anyone needing a speaker to contact Per.


Frederic Bien
CEO, AdBuy - Interactive Media Buying & Strategy

I have known Per since 2002 when he was with media asset management software company: Blue Order. I've been very impressed with the work Per did for G-SAM: Global Society for Asset Management. Per is really good guy: pleasant, hard working, persistent, global thinker,... I would gladly work with him again, and even go out for a few beers.


Katherine L. Parker
Strategic Alliances and Business Development Executive 

Per is one of the best "out of the box" thinkers I have worked with in my career. He's a creative problem solver who is able to tailor his communications to diverse audiences. At the same time, Per is down to earth, hard-working, and focused on results. He will be a great asset to any executive team, start-up effort, or project requiring innovative thinking and strong follow-through.less


Shai Benmoshe
Connected Digital Media Business Exec

Per is an intelligent, mature, creative and hard working professional with a no nonsense style. He's a savvy executive and with his international background, possesses a global perspective on business that is both valuable and rare. Bottom line: Per's a guy who gets thing done. I recommend him without hesitation.


Glyn Powell-Evans

Per has always been highly enthusiastic and motivated. He is good at thinking out of the box and can apply his skills to a wide range of situations in a constructive and successful way.

Carsten Baumann
Consulting Engineering Specialist at Schneider Electric

I can only recommend Per. He's a hard working person who has the ability to think outside the box, which provided invaluable insights to the business problem, we successfully solved. I will continue working with him.


Luke Pustejovsky
Co-Founder & EVP, Business Development at lvl Analytics

I was an investor in a media technology company called MediaSite, where Per headed worldwide business development. He criss-crossed the globe tirelessly, showed a real facility with strategy and accessed key accounts. He's hard-working, affable, and very smart. I recommend Per highly and if there is a new investment situation that fits with my new firm, I'd definitely work with him again.


Eric Hoffert
Technologist and Founder

Per Sjofors is top notch when it comes to digital media. He knows the media area well and provides industry leadership through his G-SAM activities. Per is also fun and high energy - a welcome addition to any venture seeking to advance work in the digital media field.


Robert Ekstrom
Interim VP Sales at Modexa AB

I used Per's expertise and network as we were considering building a reseller network in the US. During this project I was impressed by the quality of his network and his ability to quickly put it to use for our benefit.


Mike Broggie Jr
EVP at The Hodges Partnership

Per is a highly creative problem-solver and hard working professional. Highly recommended if you need talent at an executive level that makes things happen.


Greg Taylor
Vice President Business Development, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Per led a response for a major media asset management RFP. He demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in pulling together a large diverse group of people to complete the response.He also exhibited very strong presentation skills and excellent technical knowledge of the entire product in the proposal.His thinking “out of the box” made a definite positive contribution to the team.less


Rolf Lumpe
Managing Consultant

Per is a highly skilled and hard working professional. His broad knowledge together with out of the box thinking really made a difference. I am looking forward to working continuously with Per and highly recommend him for any potential business partner and client.


Randy Freedman

Per is an experienced deal-maker who approaches business with creativity and tenacity. He is a "can-do" businessman who closes deals and then effectively manages and enhances the on-going business relationship.


Hugh Heinsohn
Business & Market Development Consultant

Per is extremely knowledgable about the software business and how software is used in the media and entertainment industry. Per has worked hard and successfully to generate substantial new business opportunities for international companies seeking to enter the US market. He is organized, thorough, credible, and professional. Highly recommended for management, consulting, and marketing positions.


john guidon
Tech CEO survivor!

Per is a formidably intelligent contributor, never afraid of hard work, he has always made a difference: combining his ability to think outside the box, along with his analytical ability. I would give him my highest recommendations.


Rick Goudey
Sales at Atalasoft, Inc a Kofax Company

Per brings to every opportunity hard work and imaginative thinking that makes the difference. I would highly recommend Per.


Richard Eberhart

Strategy Consulting, E-commerce, Content Strategy, Positioning, Sales/Marketing at Undisclosed

Having worked with Per in multiple capacities I can honestly say that he is one of the hardest working, strategic executives that I have had the pleasure to be in, or do business with. Our combined experience in the world of asset management led to the foundation of a wold wide, influential trade association with a priority of accelerating the adoption of these technologies through education and member collaboration. Without Per's tireless dedication and generous pro-bono efforts, this organization would have never reached the scale that it enjoyed in a very short period of time. His international experience gives him a global perspective on business that few can match. With his diverse skill set, I would recommend Per in any executive capacity without hesitation


George Avgerakis
VP Creative Director at Avekta Productions Inc.

Per is an innovative and highly personable professional, who is fun to be with and always makes the work at hand interesting and challenging.  My work with Per has always been involved with making a highly complex process or product simple to understandIn order to do that work, the supervisor must be patient, analogical and tolerant. Per understands cultural diversity and how to handle creative talent so that complex tasks are completed while, at the same time, stretching the envelope of marketing invention. 

Per supervised a committee in which the participants had to define a wide range of new terminology, never before applied. This process is tedious and exacting, often causing deep disagreements between creative individuals. Per kept all members cooperative, friendly and productive, making the process a joy.less